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Beard implantation

Usually recommended for the entire area without facial hair, where both sides of the face need to be implanted. It takes two full days.

Beard transplant

Recommended when full beard hair is present but sparse. A more uniform, thicker look is achieved.

Beard replacement

Recommended for small to large patches. Whether the deficiency is genetic or due to disease, it can be replaced. 1 day procedure.

With FUE2 technology, beard replacement or thickening can be performed.


In this case, the donor area is the back of the scalp, so the beard replacement is done with hair.

Before and after the procedure, the same steps are followed as for general hair transplantation.

In addition, it is necessary to shave the recipient area before the operation so that about 2-3 mm of stubble grows back on the day of the operation.

The grafting area heals quickly, after 1 week the traces of the graft are hardly visible. Post- operative care is the same as for hair transplantation, i.e. extra attention is required for 3 weeks.

After the operation, the face may show slight swelling (oedema), which will disappear in 2-3 days.

Avoid any major facial movements for 5-7 days after surgery
(speak little, minimize facial expressions, do not chew
chew a lot, eat liquid or mushy food)

In the weeks after surgery, the face may be irritated and sensitive.
This will go away later, the speed of this depends on the skin type.

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Before and after surgery