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How painful is the implantation?

Before the hair transplant, you will receive a local anaesthetic in the form of an injection, which is uncomfortable, but you will not feel any pain afterwards. Of course, people's pain thresholds vary, but in general, thanks to the anaesthesia, you will not feel any pain during the operation, just a little pressure.

When can I go back to work after hair transplantation?

Our modern procedure allows you to start work the day after the operation. However, intense physical activity should be avoided for 2-3 weeks. More information HERE.

How does the surgery work?

Out-patient surgery, 1 or 2 days depending on the amount of hairs to be transplanted. You can read about the day HERE.

How quickly do I get results from hair transplantation?

It takes about 10 days for the graft to take root. Coffee and cigarettes are not recommended during this time. After the transplantation, the transplanted hair will start to grow, but it takes 3-4 months for the hair follicles to regenerate before the final hair can start to grow.

When will I see the final result?

The results of the procedure are gradually visible, with the final hair growth reaching the desired result in the 10th - 12th month. The implanted hair has a completely natural effect, as the "rotation" of the hairs can be adjusted. A density of approximately 100-120 hairs per cm² can be achieved with transplantation. Further, it can be cut, shaped, coloured, etc. in the same way as the original hair.

Can I have other people's hair?

No! For hair transplantation, only your own hair can be used, which is usually transplanted from the back side of the head.

Can my transplanted hair fall out?

This should not happen. The hair transplanted from the back of the head is insensitive to the androgen hormone, so it will not fall out. With our additional hair and scalp treatments, your hair will be extremely thick and healthy.

Is hair care aftercare important?

It's important, it determines the final result, if you've taken the time to spend money to repair your hair then it's necessary. Hair transplantation gives a permanent solution, but aftercare can improve the result further, and aftercare will leave hair with thicker strands and thicker hair that helps to cover the scalp.

Can the bald area spread further in the future?

The transplanted hairs will remain permanently, but unfortunately the natural balding process in other areas will not be affected. However, the good news is that the procedure can be repeated for areas that start to thin out later. If you think you have such a problem we recommend our hair preservation programme for the thinning area. To prevent trouble, start now.