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Hair transplant for women

Hair loss is affecting more and more women worldwide

Hair loss can be treated as normal up to 100 hairs per day, especially in spring or autumn. But once hair loss is visible, it can cause a serious psychological crisis for a woman.

Női hajbeültetés

Why do we lose our hair?

First, we need to know the cause of hair loss. The most common and lucky case is that the hair falls out but the hair follicle remains viable. This is when mesotherapy can work wonders!

Mesotherapy involves injecting a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients directly into the scalp. We provide life-giving nourishment to the hair follicles, which quickly repay the care with increased growth and enrichment.

We have the solution!

In case of certain diseases or nutrient deficiencies, the hair starts to fall out and the hair follicle withers. Unfortunately, only hair transplantation can help.

Hair transplantation involves lifting hair follicles from the thicker area at the back of the head to the thinning, balding areas. In all cases, we work from your own hair, so the effect is completely natural.

The hairs in the back of the head are stronger and more resistant than those on the top of the head, they don't react to the hormones' wicked play, so 98% of the hair transplanted is permanent!

The price of a hair transplant

2500 hairs 583.000 Ft

2-3000 hairs can be transplanted to achieve spectacular results.

To find out whether mesotherapy or hair transplantation will give you a lush and feminine crown of hair, fill in the form below and we'll call you back within 24 hours to arrange a free consultation.

During your free consultation, our doctors will assess the condition of your hair and scalp and may order additional medical tests to help us make the best decision about your treatment.


How painful is the implantation?

Before the hair transplant, you will receive a local anaesthetic in the form of an injection, which is uncomfortable, but you will not feel any pain afterwards. Of course, people's pain thresholds vary, but in general, thanks to the anaesthesia, you will not feel any pain during the operation, just a little pressure.

And what if the hairs that were transplanted fall out again? Have I thrown a lot of money out the window?

The hairs on the back of your head do not respond to the hormone DHT, so the hairs transplanted from the back of your head will not fall out on the top of your head. Never. If you follow the doctor's instructions after the operation, we guarantee that 98% of the transplanted hair will stay in place for the rest of your life. If it does fall out, we will undertake to replant the missing hairs free of charge.

How will I look, isn't this all too fake?

We transplant the hair from the back of your head to the top of your head. Since we build from your own hair, the new hairs will blend in with their surroundings, even a hairdresser wouldn't be able to tell you've had a hair transplant. We never work with foreign hair or artificial material.

But what will my environment say?

After the operation, it takes 6-8 months for the hair follicles to strengthen in their new location and for the hairs to grow out. This gradualness gives you and your environment time to get used to the change.

This looks like a serious intervention! I'd like to know who to trust with my head...

Hair transplantation is plastic surgery. The procedure is performed by qualified, experienced doctors. With more than 1,000 operations performed and nearly 4 million hair transplants behind us, we can say: you'll be in safe hands with us!