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Too oily hair can also cause baldness

An oily scalp is not just an aesthetically displeasing phenomenon to be ashamed of. Without proper care and attention, it can be accompanied by other, more serious problems, such as fungal infections or hair loss. The former can easily develop on a scalp that is too oily because it simply can't ventilate. If the scalp is not able to cleanse itself, the excess sebum can get into the hair follicles, which means that the hair follicles can no longer breathe. From
weakened hairs become thinner and fall out.

Unfortunately, excessive sebum production can be caused by many things, so it's worth consulting an expert! Possible causes include an overly fatty diet, hormonal imbalances, genetics, the use of cosmetics that are not suitable for your hair type or a stressful lifestyle. Sometimes the problem is not too serious and it is enough to follow a few tips to avoid baldness and dandruff.

How to treat over-oily hair?

1. Wash your hair as often as you like! It is a misconception that washing your hair too much stimulates sebum production. On the contrary, every time you wash your hair, you remove excess sebum from your scalp, helping it to ventilate.

2. Use a clear shampoo instead of a creamy one!

3. They regulate sebum production and soothe and relax the scalp. The best hair care products are those that contain seaweed or some of the following herbs: horsetail, nettle, marigold, rosemary, sage, chamomile. They regulate sebum production and soothe and relax the scalp.

4. If possible, wash your hair in the morning, because sebum production is more active at night!

5. Forget conditioner! Oily hair gets plenty of nutrients from sebum.

6. Go easy on your scalp! Avoid hot water, hot air dryers, tight braids, braids, hats, caps and headbands.

7. Use a comb instead of a hairbrush, because it doesn't straighten too much sebum through your hair!

8. Strive for inner balance in all areas of life! As with all problems with our hair, it is important to have a good balanced diet, a relaxed lifestyle and regular exercise! Strive for inner balance in all areas of life!