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Hair loss due to anaemia?

Signs of anaemia include fatigue, irritability, chills and paleness. But other symptoms may include tinnitus, headaches, dizziness, dry skin and hair loss.

The latter is caused by an upset in the blood supply to the scalp. As little blood reaches the capillaries in the scalp and thus the hair follicles, the nutrients that keep the hairs fresh are severely depleted. Hair follicles and hair follicles become weak and thin. As a result, the hair becomes thinner at first, and then slowly starts to fall out evenly.

In general, anaemia is caused by the development of iron deficiency. Iron deficiency means that not enough red blood cells can be produced in the body. The specific, characteristic symptoms of iron deficiency are frequent nausea and loss of appetite. The combination of all these symptoms almost certainly indicates anaemia, but each of them may have different causes, so it is worth seeking medical advice if they are present.

Anaemia can also be caused by problems with alcohol and smoking, for example, but it can also occur during pregnancy or as a result of poor diet. Not to mention stomach problems and various infections. In addition, there are several types, each with different symptoms. So if you experience anything abnormal in your body, whether it's a regular feeling of sickness or hair loss that seems to have come out of nowhere, you should it
is always worth consulting a specialist!